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StageLine SL-100

The Stageline SL-100 is a fully mobile stage platform, complete with a load-bearing roof. We can take it anywhere that’s accessible by truck, including unpaved areas like parks and fields. Our technicians will drive it in, set it up, and take it away, rain or shine.

The Stageline can be set up empty and used as a band shell, or loaded with speakers, lights, and backdrops for a full-blown production (all of which we’re happy to provide too, of course)!

The SL-100 has a base stage size of 24′ wide x 20′ deep. We can extend the stage depth by an additional 4′ (giving you a 24′ x 24′ stage), or put 8’x8′ wings on each side of the stage for ground-stacked PA or scenic elements.

The stage comes with skirting, an optional vinyl wind wall (which wraps around the sides and back), aluminum safety railings, stairs, and a loading platform. There is rigging included for banners and signage above the stage and vertically down the sides, so you can promote your event in grand style!

The following video shows the Stageline SL-100 being set up: